runkit: We're going your way.

We are in our final testing stage - Stay tuned!

Soon Trunkit will be going your way!

What is Trunkit

Trunkit is a package ride share website that will enable you to quickly find someone with an empty trunk, truck or trailer that that is going your way and can take your item for you. It will also enable drivers to post their trips so they can fill their trunk, truck or trailer to off-set the cost of their travel or their daily commute.

Trunkit will provide a fast and environmentally friendly way to get any item (big or small) to any destination and at a fraction of the cost. Imagine getting a computer, bike, skis or even a couch anywhere you need fast and cheap. When a Trunkit driver arrives, simply “trunkit” - no packaging required. We will even have drivers with a hitch! Need to get a boat or travel trailer somewhere? Trunkit!

At you will be able to search your location and destination to find people with space for your item already going your way - today!

Affordable Delivery

Time is NOT money with Trunkit because the drivers are already going your way and there is no return trip. Trunkit drivers are simply off-setting the cost of their travel to destinations they were already going to.

Trustworthy Drivers

Trunkit drivers are just like you - in fact they will be you. The whole point of Trunkit is that you can be a user and a driver (if you want). In addition, Trunkit will provide profiles of drivers including their photo, verifications and feedback from other users.

Environmentally Friendly

Using Trunkit will reduce the number of trucks on the road and will save trees as no packaging is required. There simply isn’t a greener way to get your stuff to where it needs to go.

About Us

About Us

Meet the Smith Boys, the founders of Trunkit, Greg (dad), Carter (right), Alex (left). The Smith Boys first thought about package ride sharing after seeing so many empty trucks and trailers when traveling on the famous Coquihalla Hwy in Beautiful BC. Instead of counting road signs when traveling, they started counting empty pick-up trucks and realized that the majority had no load. Station wagons and hatchbacks were the same - plenty of room in their trunks for more stuff, your stuff! The idea was born!

The Smith Boys live in Pitt Meadows, BC. When they’re not working on Trunkit you can find them at the hockey rink, football field or a track. In their spare time they enjoy water sports or tearing down some trails on their mountain bikes.

The Smith Boys are super excited to launch Trunkit and look forward to solving your delivery needs with fast, cheap and environmentally friendly transport.

Please e-mail us atif you want to learn more about us.