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What is Trunkit

Trunkit is a platform that connects those who are in need of an empty trunk, truck, or trailer to those who have one that are going your way and can move your item for you. It provides its users with an affordable delivery service that helps get items delivered in a timely manner.

How it Works

If you have an empty trunk

If you’re looking to deliver an item, you will first log into your account and post your trip.

Enter your starting address, destination, and date of your trip and then select your item’s size (small - large) that you will accept along with a suggested price of your service.

Once your trip is posted, Trunkit Users will be able to contact you and negotiate a price for your delivery service! Once you have completed your trip, the sender must confirm that the item was delivered, and the money will be deposited into your account the coming Saturday.

If you need an empty trunk

If you’re looking for an item to be delivered, you will need to log into your account and specify that you are looking for an empty trunk.

You will be prompted to enter your location, destination of the item, and departure date. In addition to this, you will be asked to provide details of your item including what your item is, the size of your item, the quantities of your item, the weight of your item, a brief description, and a photo.

Once your item is posted, Trunkit Users will be able to contact you and negotiate a price for your delivery service!

Or, watch a video on navigating the website below!

Benefits You’ll Love

Affordable Delivery

We understand the value of your money which is why Trunkit allows its users to negotiate a price that both drivers and senders are happy with!

Convenient Service

Our platform allows you to connect with others at any time, anywhere. We provide you with a chat room where you can communicate with other users in a way that works for you.

Earn Money While Driving

Trunkit gives drivers the opportunity to earn money while driving to their destination and off-set the cost of their travel by stopping to deliver items for people in their community.

About Us

Meet the Smith Boys, the founders of Trunkit, Greg, Carter, and Alex Smith. The Smith Boys first thought of the package ride sharing idea when they were moving a couch from Vernon BC, to Pitt Meadows BC. They found that the courier services that were available were not worth the price which led them to move the item themselves. On their drive along the Coquihalla Highway the boys saw many empty trucks and trailers and the idea for Trunkit was born.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your personal information such as your address and driver's license will not be visible to other Trunkit users. This information is used by our team to verify your identity but will not be accessible to the public. Information such as your user ratings, profile picture, and details of your posting will be visible to Trunkit users.

So we can pay you! We ask that you provide us with your direct deposit information so we can send you payments for your services. We require your Transit Number, Institution Number, and Account Number.

We take your privacy and security very seriously at Trunkit. Your banking information is protected by Stripe, our payment platform to ensure that nobody can access your account, and only we can pay you.

Your information can be found on a direct deposit form through your bank or at the bottom of your personal cheques


We use Stripe to secure your banking information. Stripe automatically receives payment, separates and disseminates payment accordingly. Checkout Stripe at

When you input your banking information, it’s sent directly to Stripe before being deleted from our servers to increase the security of your data.

In the USA, both Debit and Credit is accepted, while in Canada, only Credit is accepted.

Not much! Only your e-mail address and bank account information is required (so we can pay you). However, the more information you include on your profile the more likely people will trust you and want to connect with you. Additional verification options include your cell phone number and driver’s license but are totally optional.

When you request to book with someone and they accept, a chat feature appears where you can discuss specifics. Only once the final details are confirmed by both parties is payment taken.

Trunkit will suggest a price for the trip based on the size of the item and distance travelled. You will also be able to suggest a price when requesting or accepting a trip. If there are special instructions required, you can always negotiate and confirm a final price in the chat.

Every second Saturday our drivers get paid for all completed trips. If you have completed a trip, your money will be directly deposited into your account the following Saturday.

18% of your negotiated price will be given to Trunkit to cover the service and processing fee.

  • Example: If you charged a price of $100 for your trip, you will receive $82 in your account.

If the driver fails to deliver your item, they will not be paid and you will be refunded for Trunkit’s service. We will work with you to find a solution.

Our drivers receive ratings and reviews from other Trunkit users to indicate the level of satisfaction that the driver provided.

Some of our drivers are verified with personal information such as their email, phone number, and driver’s license to build credibility of the driver.

Don’t take it! All items being posted for delivery will include a picture and a description of exactly what is being posted. If you are requested to take an item and you don’t know exactly what it is, feel free declining the request. We encourage all drivers to know exactly what they are taking – be safe, be smart, and let us know! We don’t want you to take anything you shouldn’t be.

If you need any support, email us at - we’re here for you!